Personal Business Performance Coaching

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Strengthen Your Leadership & Management

Improve Your Time Management

Convert more Enquiries into Sales

Develop Your Confidence & Assertiveness

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Our Case Studies

  • Personal Performance

    Personal performance in business impacts individual success and the success of the organisation. That’s why we focus our coaching on people at every level in a company. We help to maximise potential that drives profitability.

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    Company Growth

    Developing better skills, attitudes and behaviour is the fundamental key to company-wide growth. Our bespoke coaching is designed to inspire and motivate. The result is better communi-cation across the business that boosts productivity.

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    Sales Generation

    Who doesn’t know that people buy from people first and foremost? That’s why our tailored coaching services target individuals to improve personal effectiveness and fulfilment. A motivated and confident sales team delivers bottom line results fast.

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    Business Sensing

    An invaluable company culture check, conducted impartially and in complete confidence among the people in your business. Finding out the real landscape inside your organisation often reveals areas of concern that are easy to put right.

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  • Training & Workshops

    We fervently believe that coaching should follow training, to consolidate the learning process and turn it into excellent business habit. That’s why we tailor and deliver workshops and courses that develop key skills and help people perform.

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    Management & Leadership

    It’s not just staff who benefit from coaching. We work with top managers, directors and owners too. Leading from the top is the best way to inspire and guide everyone in the company. That’s where our proven PMC tool allows us to instil robust leadership principles.

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    Skills & Attributes

    Communication? Management? Delegation? Goal setting? Developing rapport? New personal and interpersonal skills can benefit every effective business person. Our 1-2-1 coaching and tailored training delivers empowering attributes.

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    Top Tips

    We like to share our expertise. Effective business performance coaching is based on experience, and from experience comes knowledge. We now have a fine repository of knowledge that has taken years to build up and is full of gems. Here are some Top Tips to get you thinking.

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We help reshape the way you think about
your business performance…

What is it that you do well? What are you doing that could be done better? What do you want your business to achieve? How are you going to reach that goal? How can you get your staff to buy in to that goal?

These are searching questions that everyone in business asks themselves. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees. Which is why JRL is here to support you and your team.

Our goal is to inspire you, to help you to change your attitude and behaviour, and achieve new results.

Let’s have a conversation – please contact us now to see how we can help.

That’s where JRL Coaching helps. We are a team of highly experienced personal business performance specialists who work together to deliver our expertise in an impartial, collaborative and effective way. But we are unusual and inventive in our approach. We are experts in helping you to determine how to improve. In our considerable experience, nothing proves more effective and long-lasting than assisting business professionals to identify and achieve the right solution. And then we continue to support.