About JRL Coaching

“Our track record lists countless successes with
small and medium sized companies, as well as individuals.”

Are you looking to grow your business profitably? To move it forward and achieve its full potential? Or are you an employee who wants to transform your business performance to achieve greater fulfilment and secure better rewards?
Then JRL Coaching & Consulting services are tailor made for you.

At JRL, we focus on developing people – be they the people at the top steering a business, or people within the business who have to potential to drive it forward. When individuals choose to enhance their skills, transform their attitudes and seek greater fulfilment, everyone begins to perform at the highest level of effectiveness. The results are undeniable – greater team cohesiveness, improved productivity, more profit and new successes.

As Business & Individual Performance Specialists, we work with organisations employing between 2 and 50 people to deliver a bespoke Personal Business Performance Coaching service, supported by training, mentoring & consulting as appropriate.


JRL for the Business Owner

If you need to move your business move forward, that’s a journey that we want to make with you. Through our tailored 1-2-1 coaching initiatives for you and your team, we empower, inspire and motivate every individual to transform their business performance. The results are an enhanced focus on what’s important to the individual and the business, and the carrying out of new actions that bring about a change in attitude and behaviour for the benefit of everyone in the business.

Our aim is to help you, your staff and your business to maximise potential and set, focus and achieve new goals. Your coached staff will come to work and stay in their jobs because they want to; not because they have to! That’s great for business and ultimately delivers more profit. The more people JRL can work with in your business, the more positive the impact we will have on your bottom line. Here are some of the areas in which JRL can help your business:

  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Creating a coaching culture
  • Delegation
  • Developing rapport
  • Enquiry management
  • First 90 days onboarding
  • Growing & retaining a customer base
  • Improving the bottom line
  • Leadership styles
  • Man management


JRL for the Individual

If you’re seeking better effectiveness, productivity and personal fulfilment, then a JRL tailored coaching programme can help to transform you. In fact, for individuals, the rewards often extend beyond these initial goals. Here are some of the areas in which JRL can help you as an individual in business:

  • Achieving your potential
  • Becoming more assertive
  • Career transition & promotion
  • Emotional intelligence competencies
  • Goal setting
  • Identifying gaps in performance
  • Man management
  • Networking skills
  • Time management


Achieve more success through JRL

At JRL, we don’t just coach individuals and businesses facing issues; we also coach successful people looking to up their game and continue growing. All we ask in order to work effectively with individuals and businesses is that they are ambitious, open-minded, committed to excellence and motivated to grow through personal development and process refinement.

You’ll find that we are able to integrate at all levels within an organisation, from company directors, small business owners and senior managers to middle managers, sales executives, supervisors and more junior staff. In every case, our goal is to support and drive personal development to secure growth and success at every level.


Jenny Lamski PictureFormed in 2005, JRL Coaching & Consultancy is headed by Jenny Lamski, an astute business professional with over 30 years’ business experience and expertise in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, hospitality, professional services and consultancy markets.

Since 2005, Jenny has primarily focused on executive coaching, mentoring and business growth training. She is a specialist Business Growth and Personal Performance Coach with a specific focus on ambitious entrepreneurs, individuals within the professions, senior managers in larger companies, and dynamic small business owners and some of their team. When working with small businesses, she works with people at all levels in the company to deliver a performance improvement synergy with an impact that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Jenny brings a wealth of operational experience and organisational insight to JRL. For many years, she has held senior management roles, based on a career primarily in the catering equipment and housewares industry. Today she is a part-time Consultant to this industry, being an expert in the purchase and supply of catering equipment smallwares and housewares.

Throughout much of her career, Jenny was involved in Sales Management. In her early twenties, she created a National Sales Profile establishing a nationwide network of 65 distributors from scratch. She is also highly respected for her negotiating and purchasing expertise.

Jenny trained as a Corporate & Executive Coach with Business Growth Training, at London’s leading Coach Training Company, achieving 100% in her professional examinations. She is also an accredited in PMC Personalised Management Coaching, AEM Advanced Enquiry Management and a TEIQue Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Today, these key tools and attributes help her deliver developmental support to drive bottom line growth. Thanks to her experience, and her warm charismatic personality, Jenny is able to quickly and confidently create a rapport and gain credibility with business owners, directors and senior managers.

Ultimately, Jenny is a people person. Her approach is encouraging, focused, action orientated and empowering. Her business performance improvement methodology helps clients to alter behaviour patterns naturally, supporting individuals to work at their highest level of effectiveness to become more fulfilled and drive bottom line growth.

She encourages, supports, nurtures and inspires her clients to think and act differently in order to improve how they currently operate. This empowers them to identify their own solutions and develop skills and knowledge that changes behaviours and attitudes to address their chosen goals. Jenny’s questioning methodology encourages clients to venture inwards, challenging beliefs to explore other options and effect new outcomes.

Jenny will always go the extra mile. In business, issues can arise at any time. That’s why Jenny offers unlimited telephone and email support as part of her Personal Business Performance Coaching service. To make a positive difference to her clients, Jenny lives by the core values she looks for in others: honesty, integrity, openness, trust and reliability, and backs this up with exceptional customer service.

Her interests include: Personal Development, Nutrition, Alternative Health, Badminton, Cooking, Cinema, Theatre and Charity Work.

JRL Coaching & Consulting works closely with a team of like-minded professional associates to deliver broad expertise and a comprehensive business support service.

The extended JRL team includes highly regarded experts in allied disciplines who collaborate to help your businesses grow. We work closely alongside business psychologists, IT trainers, HR consultants, marketers and accountants. All are on hand to deliver the finest expertise to help drive business growth.

Rest assured that all our associates are committed professionals of the highest integrity, each with a proven track record in their speciality area. All have exceptional experience – and perhaps more importantly in the coaching environment – all are friendly, caring, supportive and nurturing, but at the same time challenging. Through our JRL team, you get charismatic and passionate support totally focused on helping you to transform your business performance.




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  • A great listener
  • A good communicator
  • Able to develop rapport easily
  • Trustworthy
  • Empathetic
  • Professionally competent
  • Prepared to give good feedback
  • Able to relate with anyone
  • Gives space for reflection
  • Firm and challenging, but at the same time supportive
  • Intrinsically kind, caring and nurturing
  • Non-judgemental
  • Focused
  • Empowering
  • Committed to personal development

JRL Coaching is always a goals-driven, mutually agreed and committed partnership, in which our objective is to empower you, facilitate change, and enable you to exceed previous levels of professional performance and personal achievement in a business context. As part of our commitment, we always support you in identifying your own solutions, in developing your skills and knowledge, and in willingly changing your behaviour and attitude to let you reach your chosen goals.

At JRL, we provide face-to-face coaching or telephone coaching as required. To keep you on track, we also offer on-going interim coaching support such as telephone calls or emails that help to maximise the benefits of your coaching programme.

Coaching is a unique and empowering relationship. Together, you and a member of the JRL team will forge an alliance between two equals. Make no mistake, JRL Coaching is not about advice, therapy, mentoring or counselling. Instead, it is far more effective by being dedicated to all aspects of your work, your goals, your knowledge and skills, your experience, your ideas and commitments, your actions – and most importantly your future.

By following your agenda without judgement, you can expect JRL to encourage, challenge and support you in exploring and addressing issues that are important to you in reaching your personal and business goals. We will also help you to set those goals, review your current situation, clarify your values, examine the way you currently operate, and then develop strategies for moving forward. At all times, you are accountable for committing to and taking actions for positive change.

You can trust every JRL team member to maintain complete confidentiality around the specific content of every coaching discussion.

For the business owner, director or senior manager:

  • Provide you with a trusted and confidential ally
  • Offer you a reflective space with “Me time” and identify what you want you and your business to develop into
  • Establish why this is important to you
  • Always nurture, support, challenge and believe in you and your goals
  • Support you to achieve new goals through enhanced focus, direction and new action
  • Improve your leadership, management and communication skills
  • Challenge your work/life balance
  • Create time in your schedule to work on the business, and not just in it
  • Develop your emotional intelligence competencies
  • Discuss whether you are charging the right prices for your products and services to enable you to make the profits you require


For the business owner and the team:

  • Help you to sustain your competitive advantage through your people
  • Make your organisation great, not just good
  • Enhance your customer service
  • Help to you improve staff retention
  • Improve your bottom line!


For the individual:

  • Provide you with a trusted and confidential ally
  • Offer you a reflective space with “Me time” to identify what you want for yourself
  • Establish why this is important to you
  • Always nurture, support, challenge and believe in you and your goals
  • Support you to achieve new goals through enhanced focus, direction and new action.
  • Help you to set some new goals in the context of achieving the business goals
  • Keep you ‘goals focused’ and results orientated
  • Help you to find your own solutions
  • Help you to develop your skills
  • Help you to change your own behaviours and attitudes
  • Support you to take new small steps which will have a large impact
  • Improve your job satisfaction, career prospects and earning potential



  • Outstanding track record and service levels with business owners and all their teams, top down and junior upwards
  • We want to genuinely support and nurture you and your team and will always go the extra mile
  • We live by our values – honesty, integrity, trust, reliability, achievement, support, economic security, health, family and exceptional customer service
  • Every client matters to us, from a one man band to 50 staff
  • We develop long term win-win relationships
  • We are experts in helping you to improve your personal and business performance
  • We want to be of value and make a difference to you and your business
  • Results are: new actions, greater fulfilment, increased productivity and profits, and an improved climate & culture within the business

Laurie Bernard is an experienced marketer.  He’s developed and implemented integrated strategies that embody both traditional and digital marketing.

Organisations engage him to train their in-house staff responsible for their organisation’s marketing.  These programmes are tailored to both the company and individual’s needs.  This often includes the understanding why people buy and how to portray this in marketing and branding.  These enhanced skills will improve the business’s marketing collateral such as: blogs, social media, adverts, emails, press releases, sales letters, point-of-sale and web sites etc.

Laurie in a member of the Barclays Bank Panel of Marketing Experts, has been accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Institute of Learning and Management, SFEDI, and The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

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