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GrowthDeveloping better skills, attitudes and behaviour is the fundamental key to company-wide growth. Our bespoke coaching is designed to inspire and motivate. The result is better communication across the business that boosts productivity.

Anyone can create the future they desire for their business, if they set goals, explore opportunities, have the right resources and take consistent new action.

Do you have a plan? Do you have a direction? Do you have a vision of the future for your business? Without goal setting, there can be no direction and no defined future. Business progress will be haphazard at best, regressive at worst.

Effective goal setting lets you determine what the future needs to be, and then helps you dictate direction and define milestones back to the present. It’s a straight line between where you want to be in the future, and where you are today.

At JRL, we help you explore choices in your business life to create the future you desire. We believe that anyone can achieve this if they set goals, identify opportunities within their resources and commit to appropriate consistent new action. Our coaching skills will help you all the way by supporting and reinforcing your attitudes, beliefs and values. We tailor the coaching relationship to expressly focus on your goals and deliver a positive outcome.

How to set goals

  • Decide on a timeframe – a month, a year, etc.
  • Write down what you want to be, do and have
  • Imagine what this new life looks, feels and sounds like
  • Brainstorm every idea – commercial and personal
  • Split into ‘definitely’, ‘would like’, and ‘nice to have’ lists
  • Prioritise your ‘definitely’ list by numbers
  • Write down why you want each goal
  • Then work out how you will achieve each goal
  • Identify a starting point and obstacles
  • Imagine solutions to overcome the obstacles
  • Visualise the rewards for achieving each goal
  • Determine how to measure success along the way
  • Ensure each goal is realistic in the timeframe

At JRL we will help you to formulate and prioritise your list of goals, and support you to ensure that they are reached.

The promise of a 400% improvement in skill retention should not be overlooked by any business owner or manager.

It’s a simple solution. Deploy a programme of coaching after training to improve skills retention by a factor of four. That’s what research has demonstrated by comparing training alone to training supported by a coaching programme.

Many companies invest in training. Far fewer follow that up with coaching to reinforce the adoption of skills and all-important changes of attitude. At JRL, we will help you to apply, implement and retain the skills and knowledge imparted through training. We engage with your staff at your business premises at the end of the training programme to ensure your investment is maximised.

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Onboarding is the process of helping a new recruit settle in quickly and become more productive faster. We deliver that process.

For most individuals, landing a new job is a challenge. Knowing what the new role entails is one thing; understanding the values of a business, the culture within a department, and how to interact with your peers and management is another. As a new recruit, the action you take in the first 90 days can determine success or failure, usually against a background of high expectations. This is where JRL can help.

For companies, finding and retaining new staff is often equally challenging. When you take on new staff, engage JRL’s ‘First 90 Days’ programme to help them settle in quicker and become productive sooner.

By working with an impartial outsider who acts as a confidential ally and a useful sounding board helps new staff members integrate more readily. Together, we create a route planner to ensure achievements meet expectations, and that relationships are developed quickly to support the new role in a timely and effectively manner.

Great business leaders succeed in creating a compelling vision of what’s possible, and they communicate it to others.

We know that the most effective business leader create compelling visions of what can be achieved and share this with others to help galvanise the team and the organisation. A recurring theme with this strategy is that they enlist the support of others to share the ideas, enabling others to design, produce, promote and sponsor this vision.

At JRL, we regularly work with businesses where the vision is to grow and increase profits by a defined percentage, but also to create a dynamic organisation where every person’s contribution matters, and where each individual is empowered to make a difference in the pursuit of the objectives. In these organisations, one common element is always apparent: the values of the staff are aligned with the values of the company!

In life, our values represent the essence of what is important to us. They are the building blocks that really matter, and define the rules by which we live.

It’s the same in business, with vision and values interconnected. Quite simply, a company’s vision is shaped by its values, and these come alive through its vision.

JRL works with your business onsite to establish initiatives to allow your teams to recognise, adopt and live by the company values. Aligning these values helps to shape a common purpose and set priorities. They provide guidelines for selecting new staff, managing internal politics, encouraging collaboration, empowering teams and raising motivation.


We can help you grow your business through shared vision and values, first by evaluating individuals and assisting in forming teams of like-minded people. We do this by using proprietary JRL tools that identify and prioritise personal values. Then we share those values among other team members, using workshop techniques to secure buy-in and drive towards a common, positive, purpose. Ask us about our Vision & Value tools.

Our personal business performance audit is a great tool to help individuals identify where they excel, where they perform adequately, and where they need to shape up.

At JRL, we deploy a proven personal business performance audit in a simple-to-use quiz format. This unassuming but insightful tool helps individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses, determine which attributes will deliver the greatest results personally and to the business, and helps JRL to coach for success more effectively.

The audit is divided into four key sections: goal setting, personal performance, people skills, and commercial awareness. For some, it’s a reassurance of capability; for others it’s a timely reality check! For everyone, it’s a reminder to set aside time to work on yourself alongside working in your business.

Click here to download the Personal Business Performance Audit. Please fill this in and submit it to us for evaluation.

Many entrepreneurs show a tendency to jump on their horse and ride of in all directions at once! Coaching can help rein that in and harness the energy.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are typically ambitious, dynamic and laser-focused on taking the business to the next level. But outside their area of technical or professional expertise, many benefit from an impartial outsider as a sounding board to support them in both their personal and business development.

This is a vital role that JRL fulfils: keeping dynamic personalities on track, listening to inventive ideas, ensuring they follow up and follow through, and helping to turn dreams into reality. We have succeeded in this capacity on countless occasions, helping small businesses develop a realistic focus and, in some cases, contributing to impressive percentage growth over very short periods of time.

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A business achieves the optimum culture and climate when everyone discharges their duties because they want to, not because they have to.

Having your top team – or your entire team – coached on a one-to-one basis is the very best way to ensure that everyone in the business works to their optimum potential and maximises productivity. That’s where JRL can help.

Coaching several people within a business concurrently helps to create the ideal environment and culture to drive excellence. When each person carries out their duties because they want to, rather than having to, you can rightly expect the company to reach its objectives sooner.

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