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SkillsCommunication? Management? Delegation? Goal setting? Developing rapport? There is a raft of personal and interpersonal skills that will benefit every effective business person. Our 1-2-1 coaching and tailored training delivers empowering attributes.

The simplest of behaviours and the smallest changes to attitude can make the difference between impasse and progress, or success and failure.

There is a raft of personal and interpersonal skills that will benefit every effective business person. Our 1-2-1 coaching and tailored training focus on these to empower individuals to improve and succeed.

These are some of the personal attributes we address:

  • Becoming more assertive
  • Improving confidence
  • Empowering your team
  • Developing quality business relationships through networking
  • Communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal
  • Becoming more emotionally intelligent
  • Developing a coaching style of management

If you identify with, or suffer from, any of the issues or conditions here, or if you simply want to improve your skills, contact JRL for a free of charge, no-obligation consultation to determine how we can help. We have the solutions you need.

Becoming more assertive

Aggressive, passive or assertive? There’s a difference. Aggressive is the steamroller whose opinion is the only one that counts. Passive is the steamrolled, whose opinion can’t possibly be as important as someone else’s. Assertive is the right balance, where all opinions are valid and equally important, and who looks for a win-win to achieve buy-in and progress most effectively. JRL assertiveness coaching achieves that balance.


Improving confidence

A surprising number of talented and competent people lack confidence. Coaching provides a clear and practical way to overcome issue like procrastination, fear, indecision, lack of self-belief, shyness, inability to develop rapport, reluctance to accept criticism, difficulty closing sales, or being a wallflower at networking events. Coaching is a catalyst to unlocking potential.


Empowering your team

No one leadership style is applicable to all decision-making situations, but effective leaders invariably share common traits. They will consider the importance of a decision, ensure they are worked on by the best people, stay close to unfamiliar decisions, establish mutual interest, involve subordinates when commitment is required, evaluate performance, and more besides. We coach to make these principles a reality.


Developing quality business relationships through networking

Business networking is highly effective. It develops long term relationships and strategic alliances for mutual benefit. It’s about people you know, meeting new people through other people, and gaining referrals when you become known, liked and trusted. If entering a room full of strangers makes you uneasy, then JRL’s 1-2-1 networking coaching will help you to maximise your potential.


Communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal

Poor communicators often find it difficult to develop rapport, may have difficulty listening, suffer from hesitation, struggle to maintain eye contact, can get anxious, or even get bored. The words we use account for just 7% of our communications. Our tone, speed and clarity of speech accounts for 38%. The remaining 55% is body language. JRL’s communication coaching is ideal for presenters, networkers and customer-facing staff.


Becoming more emotionally intelligent

Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware, excellent communicators and adapt their behaviour to different situations. They are more likely to have the edge to lead, manage, and perform. They are also adept at dealing with stress, low morale, conflict and change. Teams that report to intelligent managers perform well, are more motivated and have high morale. JRL delivers proven emotional intelligence tools to coach for success.


Developing a coaching style of management

A key to better business, team and staff performance is to make managers better coaches. A coaching style of management delivers exceptional commercial results at all levels. Business skills and experience alone are not enough to guarantee the success of a manager as a leader in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. Our management development programme deploys coaching and proven tools to drive performance.

People only change when the benefits of doing something outweigh the benefits of not doing it.

Skills are critical to capability. But skills alone are simply not enough. People need the right attitude in order to apply their skills effectively. And skills can be developed, whereas attitude can not. All too frequently we encounter people who are stuck in a rut, who moan, or who are depressed but are not prepare to put in the effort to change things. That’s where JRL can assist by helping to change behaviours in a way that influences attitude. We do this for management and staff.

For managers, we coach to ensure positive attitudes that are supportive, nurturing, empowering, trusting, inclusive and delegative. Negative attitudes include being dictatorial, bossy, domineering, unreasonable, demanding and selfish, perhaps with a tendency to say “do it my way”. These need to change if team potential is to be maximised.

We coach staff to be open, receptive, keen to develop, able to embrace change, and happy to improve. The results include better communication, collaboration, motivation and increased use of initiative.


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