As a growing school we were keen to use the coaching model as a strategy for personal and professional growth for members of our school teaching and leadership teams.

 Jenny was able to provide bespoke support for individuals which both challenged personal perceptions and provided the support to help them to reflect upon their own professional pathways. 

In a short space of time Jenny has been able to have real impact which has seen positive outcomes for all those involving in her coaching programme. Some of these outcomes have included the building of self-confidence and belief and opportunities for self-evaluation and reflection. On boarding for new colleagues was particularly beneficial in terms of getting the most out of people and making them quickly feel part of the team. 

Throughout this process Jenny has provided a professional outlet for effective dialogue to enable all those involved to open up and overcome identified barriers. This approach has not only enabled professional self-improvement but has provided wider impact in terms of professional relationships and whole school practice.

Christian Malone (LLE) Headteacher Heatherlands Primary School

I met up with Jenny for the on boarding coaching program, provided by my school. In the two sessions we focused on the `settling in process` in my new workplace. The time to reflect with Jenny alongside the specified homework for me helped me to settle in very quickly.
After 7 weeks I now feel properly settled and happy with my move into the new school.

UW Heatherlands Primary School

When I first looked at business coaching I thought it an unnecessary business expense. Now I realise it has provided a great return on investment, netted a friend and confidant. Being in charge is not so lonely now. Happy to recommend Jenny and JRL Coaching & Consulting to other business owners.


Darrin Salt MD, SCA Group

I now understand myself more; it has changed my attitude to how I think about things and my work and career. Before I focused on the negative, what would go wrong, and over analysed, before taking any action. Now I look for the positive in all and just do!


Office Manager, Dorset