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Reach New Heights with 1-2-1 Business Coaching & Mentoring

The best way to achieve sustained growth in a business is through the development of its people

– Jenny Lamski

Business and Individual Performance Specialists


Our goal is to inspire you, to help you to change your attitude and behaviour, and achieve new results. Please find out more about our approach and how we’ll help reshape the way you think about your business performance…

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Coaching is a unique and empowering relationship dedicated to all aspects of your work from your goals to your knowledge, skills and actions. Please find out more about us and how we can support you.

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Our track record lists countless successes with small and medium sized companies, as well as individuals. We have shared a few here, so that you can understand how our services have helped them and how we can help you.

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  • As our business has grown, Jenny has helped us re-focus the business on the customer, re-organise our structure and processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, and engage new people. She helped us manage our time better ,delegate more, train and develop people faster, to build the skills we needed. We now communicate better at all levels from everyday tasks right through to the business vision and roadmap. People are now happier (a bit of fun at work is important I think) and they know what they should be doing, how to do it, and why we are doing it. We have the basis and platform to keep growing, and most importantly, we’re more profitable because our customers are happy.

    Max Osmond - CEO MSA Manufacturing Ltd
  • We started working with JRL to better understand our business and changes to strategy we needed to make to deliver against our growth plans. The partnership with JRL delivered landmark change with the business sensing giving us new and better understanding of our ways of working, business culture and key staff motivators. Upon implementing the changes with JRL, we have experienced unprecedented growth. Jenny gives 100% commitment to the agreed strategy and takes a personal approach to ensuring that the objectives are met and individuals she works with achieve against their targets. She has worked with many of our team. I highly recommend JRL to any business looking to improve culture, people and deliver significant sales and profit growth.

    Mr A Symonds - CEO The Solent Group
  • I found our Onboarding coaching sessions insightful. This was as a result of your line of questioning, I was forced to think about situations and interactions in a different way to how I would naturally have thought about them.  I found the different workplace profiling surveys you gave me very interesting. I now understand my own communication profile and I can now use this knowledge to my benefit when interacting with different people. Our sessions have also given me clarity of my own career drivers, again I would probably have not focused on these without your help.

    Wesley Rolls Senior Supply Chain Manager
  • Jenny has transformed my thinking and approach in key areas to enable me to reach current and future career goals. I would certainly recommend Jenny to anyone looking for help, guidance or support in their professional capacity.

    Jess Myers, Senior Account Manager
  • Jenny was instrumental in my success at achieving consistent business growth. She coached me in time management and personal self-belief and I cant recommend her enough. She tailored my coaching to my personal and professional circumstances and she gave me the power to say ‘No’ and the tools to manage my workload effectively. Try her – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    SP, Sales Manager