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Reach New Heights with 1-2-1 Business Coaching & Mentoring

The best way to achieve sustained growth in a business is through the development of its people

– Jenny Lamski

Business and Individual Performance Specialists


Our goal is to inspire you, to help you to change your attitude and behaviour, and achieve new results. Please find out more about our approach and how we’ll help reshape the way you think about your business performance…

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Coaching is a unique and empowering relationship dedicated to all aspects of your work from your goals to your knowledge, skills and actions. Please find out more about us and how we can support you.

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Our track record lists countless successes with small and medium sized companies, as well as individuals. We have shared a few here, so that you can understand how our services have helped them and how we can help you.

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  • We were growing fast, almost too fast. New customers, new products, new market sectors, additional premises, additional equipment, more people. Planned but not at the rate it was happening. We weren’t prepared. It was exciting and fun – and chaos! We had all the pains that kind of accelerated growth brings and were exhausted. Old systems were failing, breaking, and we’d started to let customers down in a way we’d never done before. We’d started spending too much time looking at ourselves to cope with the growth and not at our customers, the very people who’d got us this far to begin with, and indeed the very reason the business was set up in the first place – to service. If you’ve been through rapid growth, you’ll recognise these things. We needed help. We paused for breath and sought that help in many areas of the business, from experts who’ve had real experience of these situations and of solving them.
    Jenny helped us re-focus the business on the customer, re-organise our structure, review and re-align processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, and engage new people who could help us move forward in the right roles. She helped us manage our time better (some of us still need to do much better!), micro manage less, delegate more, train and develop people more and faster, to build the skills we needed quicker, and communicate differently.
    People are now happier (a bit of fun at work is important I think) and they know what they should be doing and how to do it. Meetings and day to day operations are more productive, and we communicate better at all levels from everyday tasks right through to the business vision and roadmap. We engage better quality people and in turn they develop their teams better than we have done in the past. It’s still manic, there still isn’t quite enough time, but we’re getting better at that. It’s not chaotic and it’s exciting in a different way. We have the basis and platform to keep growing and we’ve learned the ways to do ensure we cope better as we grow. Most importantly, we’re more profitable because our customers are happy.

    Max Osmond - CEO MSA Manufacturing Ltd
  • I have been working with Jenny for 5 months and the experience has been invaluable. During this time, we set clear goals that I wanted to achieve which focused on both personal and work-related issues.
    The coaching has really helped to improve a number of skills which have all led to me achieving my step goals, but also my overall objective.
    It was also very helpful to have an unbiased business professional to talk through the current company set up and ways of working. As well as achieving my goals of improving certain skill sets, this has also allowed me to forward think to what I want to achieve in the next 6 months – 5 years, which in turn has given me a real drive to succeed.
    Many Thanks Jenny

    Kingsley White Senior Account Manager Solent Group
  • As a company we started working with JRL to better understand our business and changes to strategy we needed to make to deliver against our growth plans. The partnership with JRL delivered landmark change with the business sensing giving us new and better understanding of our ways of working, business culture and key staff motivators.
    Upon implementing the strategy changes with JRL, we have experienced unprecedented growth in incredibly challenging markets, both outperforming against our targets and achieving our highest ever sales. As well as wider business strategy, JRL have worked to individually coach several of our key members of staff with several of these having already within 12 months been promoted to more senior roles in the group, something that would not have been possible without the coaching and mentorship from JRL.
    Jenny gives 100% commitment to the agreed strategy and takes a personal approach to ensuring that the objectives are met, and individuals she works with achieve against their targets.
    I highly recommend JRL to any business looking to improve culture, people and deliver significant sales and profit growth.

    Ashley Symonds - MD UK Solent Group
  • I found our Onboarding coaching sessions insightful. This was as a result of your line of questioning, I was forced to think about situations and interactions in a different way to how I would naturally have thought about them.  I found the different workplace profiling surveys you gave me very interesting. I now understand my own communication profile and I can now use this knowledge to my benefit when interacting with different people. Our sessions have also given me clarity of my own career drivers, again I would probably have not focused on these without your help.

    Wesley Rolls Senior Supply Chain Manager
  • I have been working with Jenny for 5 months and the experience has been invaluable. During this time, we set clear goals that I wanted to achieve which focused on both personal and work-related issues.
    As well as achieving my goals of improving certain skill sets, this has also allowed me to forward think to what I want to achieve in the next 6 months – 5 years, which in turn has given me a real drive to succeed.
    Many Thanks

  • Jenny has transformed my thinking and approach in key areas to enable me to reach current and future career goals. I would certainly recommend Jenny to anyone looking for help, guidance or support in their professional capacity.

    Jess Myers, Senior Account Manager Solent Group
  • Jenny was instrumental in my success at achieving consistent business growth. She coached me in time management and personal self-belief and I can’t recommend her enough. She tailored my coaching to my personal and professional circumstances and she gave the me the power to say ‘No’ and the tools to manage my workload effectively. Try her – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    SP, Sales Manager
  • Jenny is a professional coach and very supportive. She is highly motivational and she gave me the right “kick up the anatomy” just when I needed it. If you are looking to improve your performance, I highly recommend working with her!

    L.B. Business Growth Consultant
  • Jenny is a worthwhile investment. She worked with the Grim’s Dyke Hotel and has set some members of our team on a very successful path. She has also developed a networking meeting for business professionals at the hotel, which is still running successfully.I would recommend giving Jenny Lamski a call. Have her in for an afternoon, hear the feedback and see the productivity.

    E.G. F&B Manager, Grim’s Dyke Hotel
  • Your workshop was both practical and useful. It highlighted the importance of future planning and achievements. Thank you.

    O.S. Brent Council
  • I approached Jenny for business life coaching some time ago, I found the sessions with her extremely useful. They helped me set goals for my career, gain a better understanding of my own strengths and weakness and recognise my own capabilities. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenny to anyone who has reached a cross roads in their career and needs guidance on the next direction to take.

  • When I arranged a meeting with Jenny I was quite sceptical as to what she could help me with, as I thought if there was anything I wanted to improve on I would just do it myself. Together we talked about how I felt about my role in the business by using a Job Performance Wheel. Through this I realised there was an area for improvement.
    I can definitely see the benefits of having a business coach now.

    Rita Hemraj, Regional Director The PC Support Group
  • I suspected that coaching was just reflecting back what the other person is saying, and didn’t really add much value, until Jenny did a ten minute demo on me, and suddenly all these ideas appeared. She said they all came from me, but I’m sure she did something really, I just don’t quite know what. Anyway, since then I have got her in as a follow up to my training courses and watched her coach others and she’s great.

    Chris Croft, Chris Croft Training
  • I have known Jenny for a number of years and could see very quickly that she was very talented as a Coach. Jenny reads people and situations very well and is able to identify what needs to change for relationships to improve and organisations to work more effectively. Jenny is very commercial, professional and organised and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

    S.K. HR Consultant
  • I have known Jenny for a number of years and she is one of those people who you can trust and seek useful advise. She is a very reliable and dedicated person who will go out of her way to resolve issues for her clients. It is a great honour for me to be associated with Jenny.

    Jackie Patel, Harold Benjamin Solicitors
  • I met Jenny earlier this year and she took me through some exercises to enable me to become more effective in business. She is gently persistent, able to press in and challenge, without making you feel very uncomfortable, and she is able to quickly highlight what you can do better. I would highly recommend Jenny as she is the best business coach and consultant that I have come across in almost twenty years of running my own business.

    A.B. Independent Financial Advisor
  • JRL Coaching together with BBV at a networking event created a warm friendly atmosphere, combined with professionalism to ensure all participants got maximum value from their attendance. The participants were educated on how to network before doing it which made the whole process more effective! We did speed networking as well as open networking which meant that there wasstructure and randomness which allows for maximum networking opportunity.

    R.H. Athena Network Regional Manager
  • Jenny at JRL Coaching is nothing short of a miracle worker.
    She is a very smart lady, she will pick up on things quickly and identify a problem and will have a solution – but she will get you to discover it yourself, that’s why Jenny’s knack of changing your way of thinking is the key. You will always come away from one of her sessions feeling rejuvenated, with renewed enthusiasm, motivation and feel invincible.

    C.S. Graphic Design Agency
  • I have reduced my level of stress in the workplace. The coaching has made me more considerate to colleagues. Not so defensive – more objective. I now have better relationships with previously difficult employees.

    B.C. Site Manager
  • Jenny offers a tailored approach that satisfies the needs of the business and the Coachee. She is flexible enough to deal with different individuals/personalities in the same organisation
    She also stays in contact periodically with management to check that the goals are being met and that the coaching sessions are beneficial for employees.

    S.J. GM, Hospitality Company
  • Working with Jenny has been very beneficial, helping me to be more productive, focused and organised. This has helped me to improve my leadership skills, and exceed all my business targets over the last 12 months. Thank you Jenny.

    S.W. MD, IT Solutions Supplier
  • Working with Jenny has enabled me to make the right choices in areas which are new to me, which has been of great benefit and I would suggest others to use her skills and expertise.

    T.C. MD, Chittak Ltd
  • When I first met Jenny, I was rather sceptical as to whether having a Coach would help my business.
    The Coaching process has helped me to become more focused, and concentrate on the business as well as working in the business. As a result, the company has enhanced its Customer Service levels, resulting in improved productivity. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    S.C. MD, Wedding Planners & Events Company
  • I have been very privileged to work with Jenny through the Manchester Business School Women’s Entrepreneurial Programme. The coaching has made a dramatic and invaluable difference to the way I run my business. I have been self employed for nine years now, and feel like I have been bumbling in the dark a lot. I am now successfully doing the job I want to do and loving every minute of it.

    N.D. Peer Massages in Schools
  • I cannot thank Jenny enough for her guidance and support. She has found a way of making everything fall into place for me, now all the pieces in the jigsaw fit. She has helped me create clear objectives in both my professional and home life and helped me enhance my self belief. Now I understand the importance of focus, structure and consistency of action. Jenny has helped me to realise just how much knowledge and experience I already have inside of me.

    G.P. Head of Concierge and Housekeeping
  • Four months ago, some of my staff were very unhappy. Being coached by Jenny at this time assisted me in looking at things differently, and taking appropriate action. The culture in my company had changed from one of co-operation and support between colleagues to one of distrust, frustration, and dissatisfaction. Several of my staff were contemplating leaving, and work had stopped becoming an enjoyable place to come to. Today, the attitude has changed.

    MD, Estate Agency
  • When setting out on the coaching experience, my colleagues and I were unsure of what to expect. However, under Jenny’s guidance, all three of us have found it a rewarding experience. With a challenging approach, Jenny has successfully coached three very different characters with a diverse set of objectives and as Managers in a hospitality organisation, the coaching has been relevant, focused and beneficial.

    GM, Avenance
  • When I first met Jenny, I was very apprehensive of coaching and its benefits to me. What I can say now three months later, is that Jenny’s fantastic listening skills and nurturing tactics have helped me to have an improved and more positive outlook not only professionally, but also personally.

    BC, Deputy Operations Manager
  • Jenny offered me a chance to talk out loud, which produced focus and clarity in the goals set for my business. Her input has been highly valuable. As a result of her proactive and inspirational approach, and her belief in my ability to succeed, I explored other options open to me achieving better results.

    MD, Envelope Company
  • I can categorically say that it was the work I undertook with Jenny Lamski of JRL Coaching that has enabled me to turn the corner in my own life. Today, whatever decision I reach, my pace and implementation is so much faster because I now know I have what it takes to get the job done. Thank you Jenny.

    Meave Darroux, Operations Director
  • I, alongside four people within my company, have been coached by Jenny. We have all become more accomplished. Our new attitude and enthusiasm to achieve more has rubbed off on each other. I have reduced my working hours by 10% and the company has increased its turnover by 15%.I am more alert to the needs of my business.

    MD, Estate Agency
  • I have just attended the seminar that John and yourself presented on “Thinking Differently and Making a Difference” for the Institute of Financial Accountants. It was very interesting and inspiring, thank you. I have become more aware of what is important to me, I have become more focused and goal orientated today and I have gone away with the commitment to put some new ideas into practice.

    S.R. Accountant
  • Jenny is very clear with her clever questioning and how she communicates. She knows her stuff, is very supportive, and knows when to dig deeper. Since I have learnt how to manage conflict, the performance in my team has improved. Thank you.

    D.K. Senior Social Worker
  • We engaged Jenny to help improve time management and become clearer in our strategical approach and staff development. Jenny enabled us to clear the mess that you can so easily become bogged down when your business becomes busier than you are prepared for. Jenny brings professionalism, insight and structure to your company. Jenny helped us get our business into the position where we merged with another company, allowing us to achieve the professional and personal goals we had set out to achieve.

    A.L. Director
  • I have known Jenny for over 15 years, during my time as Operations Director at Caffe Nero and up until today as Managing Director of Caffé Fratelli. During these years, she has always made sure that my team and I are very well looked after, meeting all of our requirements. We have always received outstanding service and support from Jenny and her team.

    Antonio Motisi. M.D. – a client for 15 years
  • Jennifer is an expert in her field of coaching. She has delivered a number of excellent events at Brent Business Ventures, in particular around networking. She is very popular amongst our clients and I highly recommend her.

    N.O-M, Director Brent Business Ventures
  • Jenny has worked closely with a number of our management team, and her 1-2-1 bespoke coaching programmes have made a real impact on their development. Her empowering and encouraging approach has created confidence to effect change and growth, resulting in our management team being much better equipped to take the business forward.

    Simon White MD, Enhanced
  • Through your empowering questions, you have got us to think and act differently. You have facilitated a change in how we carry out our day to day business, and this has allowed us to move our practice on to the next level. Thank you.

    Two Partners, Chartered Accountants
  • Coaching with Jenny of JRL will help you realise what’s possible, and maybe what you think is impossible can become possible in respect of your staff’s achievements when the climate and culture in a business becomes empowering, supportive, and enabling of its people!
    Often an attitude adjustment is needed at the top of a company.

    Angus I ‘Anson, MD Gourmet Classic Ltd.
  • Jenny Lamski and her associates at JRL have smoothed the growth of my company through this amazing growth period. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other ambitious businesses.

    MD, Travel Company
  • Jenny has worked closely with a number of our management team, and her 1-2-1 bespoke coaching programmes have made a real impact on their development. Her empowering and encouraging approach has created confidence to effect change and growth, resulting in our management team being much better equipped to take the business forward. This has contributed to the business growing 25% in the last fiscal year.

    Simon White, MD Enhanced
  • I have known Jenny Lamski for over thirty years now from our early days when I was a supplier to Wm. Page of London and she was part of the buying team. In recent years, we have successfully continued our relationship through her company JRL Coaching. I have found her work invaluable to myself and my company. I know Jenny of old to be reliable, honest, trustworthy and responsible.

    A.J. Middleton, Director A.J. & J.B. Middleton Limited
  • As a growing school we were keen to use the coaching model as a strategy for personal and professional growth for members of our school teaching and leadership teams.
    In a short space of time Jenny has been able to have real impact which has seen positive outcomes for all those involving in her coaching programme. Some of these outcomes have included the building of self-confidence and belief and opportunities for self-evaluation and reflection.

    Christian Malone (LLE) Headteacher Heatherlands Primary School
  • I met up with Jenny for the on boarding coaching program, provided by my school. In the two sessions we focused on the `settling in process` in my new workplace. The time to reflect with Jenny alongside the specified homework for me helped me to settle in very quickly.
    After 7 weeks I now feel properly settled and happy with my move into the new school.

    UW Heatherlands Primary School
  • When I first looked at business coaching I thought it an unnecessary business expense. Now I realise it has provided a great return on investment, netted a friend and confidant. Being in charge is not so lonely now. Happy to recommend Jenny and JRL Coaching & Consulting to other business owners.

    Darrin Salt MD, SCA Group
  • I now understand myself more; it has changed my attitude to how I think about things and my work and career. Before I focused on the negative, what would go wrong, and over analysed, before taking any action.
    Now I look for the positive in all and just do!

    Office Manager, Dorset