The JRL approach

Free Initial Consultation

Our Goal is to enhance your success.

In the first instance, we like to meet up with all potential clients, for a free of charge initial consultation. We want to listen to you, identify your needs and desires to move forward, and to find out how we may be of help to you and your business. This will include a coaching demonstration, resulting in you leaving the demonstration inspired, excited and motivated to want to move forward and carry out new actions to achieve new results.

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The JRL Approach is always encouraging, nurturing, focused, action orientated and empowering. We are in business to help make a positive difference to you and your business.
With every demonstration, we plan to show you that using the JRL methodology, we can make a positive difference to you.

Our team of associates live by the core values we look for in others: honesty, integrity, trust, reliability, expertise, and always being professional. This is backed up with exceptional customer service from charismatic and warm personalities.

We bring a wealth of operational experience and organisational insight. This experience and insight means our developmental support drives bottom line growth and always makes a positive difference to you, our client.

We offer a free of charge personal performance review to identify what you do well today in your current role, and your options to improve your personal business performance.

Please contact us today to arrange your free consultation meeting.


Following the initial meeting, the next step is to engage the services of JRL Coaching. We will agree the initial scope of the work, timeframes and objectives. We’ll then start working with you and your team as agreed. Whilst each engagement is a bit different depending on the client’s needs and objectives, all of our engagements follow the structure of the approach outlined here.

When working with JRL Coaching, it is always a goals-driven, mutually agreed and committed partnership. We will empower you to facilitate change, and enable you to exceed your previous levels of professional performance and personal achievement in a business context. We always support you in identifying your own solutions, in developing your skills and knowledge, and in willingly changing your behaviour and attitude to let you reach your chosen goals.

Goal Setting

Effective goal setting lets you determine what the future can be, and then helps you dictate the direction and define the milestones to get there. It’s your map to move from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.

At JRL, we help you explore the choices in your business life to create the future you desire. We believe that anyone can achieve this if they set goals, identify opportunities within their resources, and commit to appropriate consistent new action. Our coaching skills will help you all the way, by supporting and reinforcing your attitudes, beliefs and values. We tailor the coaching relationship to expressly focus on your goals, and deliver a positive outcome.


As part of our commitment, we always support you in identifying your own solutions, in developing your skills and knowledge, and in willingly changing your behaviour and attitude to let you reach your chosen goals.

Coaching is a unique and empowering relationship. Together, you and a member of the JRL team will forge an alliance between two equals.

By following your agenda without judgement, you can expect JRL to encourage, challenge and support you. Together we’ll explore and address issues that are important to you in reaching your personal and business goals. We will also help you to set those goals, review your current situation, clarify your values, examine the way you currently operate, and then develop strategies for moving forward.

At all times, you are accountable for committing to and taking actions for positive change. You can trust every JRL team member to maintain complete confidentiality around the specific content of every coaching discussion.