Career Coaching

The pressures of modern life, the uncertainty of the job market and even domestic obligations can leave people stuck in a rut. Career coaching can guide them out.

If you are stuck in a rut, have been made redundant, or are enduring divorce proceedings and now need to get back to work, we can help you to consider your options to move you forward in your career.

To start, we offer a free of charge, no obligation consultation to help identify your current issues, and to establish how we can support you in resolving those issues.

Should you choose to take this further, the outcome of the JRL consultation will result either in a coaching programme tailored to you, or a recommendation that you complete an online psychological vocational guidance inventory, which features over 300 questions.

These will help to assess your needs, identify what you want and determine what you are looking for from your career.

For this advanced programme, JRL works closely with David Taylor, a Business Psychologist and owner of The APA Consultancy.

The inventory helps you to identify the right career by assessing your individual characteristics and preferences, and analysing patterns of interests, motivations and attitudes across a wide range of critical factors that have may not have been objectively considered previously.

Please contact us for more information.

The inventory questionnaire covers:

  • Occupations
  • General activities
  • Leisure activities and hobbies
  • Types of people you enjoy spending time with
  • Types of people you don’t enjoy spending time with
  • Preferences for different activities
  • Your own behavioural characteristics
  • Your work preferences