Case Study

Case Study: Enhanced

Enhanced is a bespoke IT consultancy specialising in the accounting and finance sectors. The organisation works with companies who recognise that IT is at the core of their business.

The Enhanced  management team prides itself on taking the time to fully understand the dynamics of each business with whom they partner. Together, they define the strategy and deliver the solutions that fully realise their clients’ potential. This company has grown rapidly and in 2010 decided to invest in the development of its people and the business. The objective was to achieve expansion targets and take the business to the next level.

As part of this strategic growth initiative, the management team looked for a professional who shared their values and offered an analytical approach to assist in the development programme. Jenny Lamski of JRL Coaching and Consulting was selected to provide an independent perspective and tailor a coaching programme to help drive the business forward.

The Project

Due to the rapid business expansion, Time Management had become a pressing issue across the organisation.

Jenny examined all the company’s processes, procedures and routines, and made suggestions for improvement. The management team acted upon and implemented these recommendations. JRL began by working one-by-one with the top executive team, plus key staff members and other employees. The result was a bespoke coaching programme specifically created for each individual.


Every person was personally coached by Jenny and the pragmatic results are now self-evident. The Enhanced team is   working smarter, not harder. As a team, they   become more focused on what is most important. They all developed new behaviours that assist them in working differently and more effectively. One measure is that the business has substantially   grown.

Since the completion of this project, Jenny has been invited to revisit the organisation on three further occasions. She   will continue to deliver bespoke coaching in the future that will change behaviours and deliver the outcome that Enhanced needs to continue its impressive growth.

Visit the Enhanced website here.