Case Study

Case Study: From PA to Office Manager

This highly successful company had grown rapidly and roles needed to grow in line with the changing needs of the business. The PA to the Chief Executive wanted to be promoted to the Office Manager.

After an assessment there was a requirement to:

  • – Develop man-management and communication skills
  • – Fostering greater self-belief and confidence
  • – Visualise the bigger picture, not just the minutia
  • – Be able to prioritise, delegate and juggle a lot of tasks at once

This would enable the PA to contribute and join in at management meetings, and to have the confidence to stand up to the Senior Management when necessary. She would be able to become an effective Office Manager.


To keep the programme on track, Jenny organised a comprehensive bespoke 1-2-1 coaching programme. This included fortnightly meetings, and unlimited telephone and email support.

Part of the process created a new Operations Bible and obtained “buy-in” from the team.


The client has a changed character. She now has: confidence, self-belief, ambition, new knowledge and the skill base and understanding of what needs to happen to be highly successful in the new job. This entailed becoming more assertive, focused, emotionally competent, fulfilled and productive. Now capable of handling all issues, customer service complaints, any conflict situations and supports all managers and directors fully in the business.

She is acknowledged as a real asset to the management team. She carries out the duties of Office Manager effectively and has been given the title and an appropriate salary in recognition of an amazing transformation.