Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of helping a new recruit settle in quickly and become more productive faster. We deliver that process.

For most individuals, landing a new job is a challenge. Knowing what the new role entails is one thing; understanding the values of a business, the culture within a department, and how to interact with your peers and management is another. As a new recruit, the action you take in the first 90 days can determine success or failure, usually against a background of high expectations. This is where JRL can help.

For companies, finding and retaining new staff is often equally challenging. When you take on new staff, engage JRL’s ‘First 90 Days’ programme to help them settle in quicker and become productive sooner.

By working with an impartial outsider who acts as a confidential ally and a useful sounding board helps new staff members integrate more readily. Together, we create a route planner to ensure achievements meet expectations, and that relationships are developed quickly to support the new role in a timely and effectively manner.