Management Development programme

Proven management profiling tools are highly effective in streamlining the development process.

At JRL, we deploy two proven management development profiling tools. The PMC (Personalised Management Coaching) tool measures and assesses a Manager’s ability and willingness to develop direct reports from three distinct perspectives:

  • What the Manager is, based on credibility, motivation and the desire to empower;
  • What the Manager has, based on capacity; and
  • What the Manager does, based on skills.

The JRL TMD (Tactical Management Development) Programme measures temperament and predicts behavioural style. It comprises four key steps:

  1. a questionnaire
  2. a feedback session
  3. an action plan
  4. follow up coaching

The programme addresses four areas of management focus:

  • Building Effective Relationships, including establishing rapport, customer engagement, interpersonal style, and relationship management
  • Strategic Thinking, including problem solving and developing thinking styles
  • Maintaining Performance and Commitment, including focusing energies and achieving goals
  • Managing Pressure and Overcoming Stress

To begin, each participant completes an online questionnaire, which is managed by our associate, APA Consultancy. It should take around 40 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. It gives a measure of temperament and predicts behavioural style by asking a large number of short, simple questions about various preferences, attitudes and beliefs.

A 1-2-1 feedback session talks through a detailed report showing the findings from the completed questionnaire. At the end of the feedback session, an action plan is developed with commitment sought to move forward. Often, follow up coaching is recommended to help consolidate and apply the new skills and commitment.

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