Personalised Management Coaching

Today, business skills and experience are simply not enough to guarantee the success of a Manager as a Leader.

There are four elements that are critical to success as a Leader. At JRL we use a proven tool called PMC (Personalised Management Coaching) as a mechanism to clearly identify and measure these four pivotal areas, and then determine what characteristics may impede a Manager’s ability to achieve top performance.

  • Personal credibility
    A direct report’s confidence level in the Manager as a coach
    all coaching activities.
  • Skill sets
    The Manager’s capability to successfully complete a coaching activity.
  • Capacity or time
    The Manager’s availability of resources.
  • Desire or commitment
    The Manager’s demonstrated desire to perform all coaching activities.

In addition to these four, there are two other very important criteria:

  • The climate within the business
    The perceived degree to which the Manager creates a climate where team members are allowed and encouraged to give of their best.
  • The image of the department
    The perceived degree of commitment shown by the Manager to create a focus on internal and external customer needs.

We work with Managers, supporting them through an individual coaching assessment to identify the areas where they want to improve, and setting out clear goals in a Professional Development Plan (PDP). The individual assessment provides a top-down, bottom-up and inside-out baseline assessment of Managers, which drives behaviours that improve critical work outcomes such as employee engagement, development and retention. The PDP then targets individual development needs based on outputs from the PMC assessment. This serves as the foundation for ongoing professional coaching support, which is how the journey to excellence is fulfilled.

PMC only targets Managers’ behaviours that impact the ability and willingness to develop direct reports.

Please take a look at this video to learn more.

Why is the PMC System effective?

  • Individual assessments provide results that are specific and unique to each Manager
  • Measures three driving forces that significantly affect a Manager’s ability and willingness to coach direct reports
  • High potential assessments provide senior management with a reliable and accurate ranking of its Managers for succession potential that leads to effective development plans
  • Backed by leading-edge research, setting it apart from other forms of coaching assessments
  • Uniquely positioned to provide reliable and accurate solutions for both the organisation and its individual Managers
  • Correctly evaluates and addresses the crucial relationships that impact an organisation’s ability to retain and develop top talent and sustain growth

A summary of PMC

pmc summary

The PMC Development Cycle

The PMC Development Cycle