Sales Generation

Few organisations really make the most of their sales enquiries. Optimising sales resources to maximise opportunities helps convert more leads into sales. At JRL, we deploy Advanced Enquiry Management (AEM) tools to allow small business owners, sales directors and managers to do exactly that.

AEM is a web-based package that lets you manage sales opportunities and match them to the sales talent within your business. But first, JRL’s expertise analyses the customer experience to identify areas for improvement. Our AEM initiative then delivers progress metrics for each stage of the sales process. These monitor an individual’s effectiveness, allows you to compare the performance of individuals, pinpoint areas of strength to share with team members, and identify weaknesses to be addressed.

Throughout the process, JRL will coach and support your sales personnel in real time to hone skills and attitudes. That’s a key part of the programme. We then provide you with the data to optimise the talents and methodologies of the entire team. The result is happier customers, better sales relationships and increased revenue and profitability for your business. And fewer lost opportunities – you rarely get a second chance at a lost sale.

The advantages of effective enquiry management

  • Achieve a good outcome by reaching a positive conclusion
  • Measure enquiry volumes to drive action and focus
  • Change sales behaviour to make every contact count
  • Improve rapport, build trust and engage customers
  • Strengthen team motivation by sharing initiatives
  • A natural focus on important enquiries
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased sales success and profitability

What does effective enquiry management take?

  • Belief in performance improvement
  • Commitment to the enquiry management process
  • Readiness to make tough decisions
  • Focus and visibility of purpose
  • Ability to review and measure
  • An open mind