The How & Why PMC Make Managers Better Coaches

Coaching is an acknowledged process to improve results. It has worked well for football and tennis for years. Businesses have been discovering they also need to have coaches. It helps them to grow more successful and profitable.

What is Personalised Management Coaching (PMC)?

A tool that provides instruments that measure a manager’s ability and willingness to develop his or her direct reports and offers personalized solutions to improve results.

What does PMC measure?

  • The credibility, desire, skills and capacity (resources) of managers to develop direct reports
  • The climate within a team
  • The team’s perceived value to its internal and external customers
  • The variances within and the gaps between three distinct perspectives
  • The general profile of an organization’s coaching culture and effectiveness
  • The potential for people managers to succeed

What do these PMC measurements lead to?

  • Organizational snapshots of the coaching culture and its effectiveness
  • Personalized assessments that describe individual coaching strengths & areas of development
  • Personalized development plans and “one on one” coaching follow-ups
  • Ranking of managers with the greatest potential for promotion or risk of departure

What makes PMC different from other assessments?

  • Typical psychometric tests (360 feedbacks and self-assessments) measure personality traits, cognitive skills, and management styles.
  • The PMC singular focus is on a manager’s ability and willingness to develop direct reports from three critical perspectives.
  • Most coaching assessment tools offer a computer generated report with limited outcomes that do not take into account individual and corporate context or business dynamics.
  • Certified PMC consultants provide an in-depth analysis beyond a computer generated report that leads to a personalize profile that is congruent with the business environment.

Why is the PMC system so effective?

  • PMC Individual assessments provide results that are specific and unique to each manager.
  • The PMC system measures three driving forces – much more than just skills – that significantly effect a manager’s ability and willingness to coach his or her direct reports.
  • PMC High Potential assessments provide senior management with a reliable and accurate ranking of its managers for succession potential that leads to effective development plans – lower costs and higher efficacy.

Why is the PMC system better than other coaching programs?

  • The highly regarded Institute of Psychological Research and Application (IPRA) at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) validated the reliability and accuracy of the PMC Individual Assessment.
  • The research team at IPRA scrutinized PMC’s results and assessments of the last ten years through the examination of PMC distinctive factors (desire, credibility, skill, and capacity) and two key performance indicators (climate and image).
  • Results showed highly reliable and correlated relationships between the PMC factors and key organizational Performance Indicators such as Climate, Employee Engagement, Employee Development, Management Competencies, Promotion, and Turn-Over. Plus, that traditional succession planning programs are flawed without the inputs of direct reports.

Why should companies be confident in the PMC system?

  • The PMC system is backed by leading-edge research, setting it apart from other companies offering coaching assessments.
  • The PMC system is uniquely positioned to provide reliable and accurate solutions for both the organization and its individual managers.
  • The PMC system correctly evaluates and addresses the crucial relationships that impact an organization’s ability to retain & develop its top talent and sustain the growth expected by its stakeholders.

Want to know more?

Contact experienced coach Jenny Lamski of JRL Coaching & Consultancy. She’ll talk you through the PMC Program. You’ll then be able to judge if it is want you need. Contact Jenny on 01202 297 571, 07995 202 982 or email