Time Management

Effective time management is about doing the right things right at the right time. Not many people do!

Time management is one of the biggest issues we address at JRL. We are time management specialists. Across all our clients, seven out of ten begin by working with us on time management before moving on to other goals.

Please consider these questions. Think about how you spend your time now and whether you might wish to spend it differently.

  • At 10.00pm, do you suddenly remember something you should have done during the day? Does this stop you sleeping?
  • Do you miss activities with your family or friends because you have not planned your work life and cannot take time out? Or do you simply go home at 5.00pm?
  • Do you procrastinate and put things off? Are these often things that make you feel uncomfortable, such as making sales calls; or difficult tasks like chasing monies owed; or jobs that are large and will take considerable time, meaning you don’t start them rather than breaking them into manageable chunks?

Take heart if these resonate with you. It is very easy to make small changes that can have a large and positive impact.

At JRL, we often work with clients who are working up to 70 hours per week but who ideally want to work 40 hours a week and make more money. It may sound like a tall order, but it can and has been achieved quite easily, just by people making small changes to the way they think, feel and behave. We can coach on these behavioural changes to help make good time management a habit.

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effective time management

Here are some rather more empowering questions to consider:

  • Do you have up to date written goals and take action on a daily basis? (Without goals, you will be task orientated, and not results orientated.)
  • Do you start and finish your tasks on time?
  • Are you are able to say NO if asked to carry out a task when you are busy?
  • Do you handle each piece of paper or emails only once?
  • Do you make a “To Do” list daily and keep to it?
  • Can you identify the 20% of the stuff you do that delivers 80% of the results that you achieve?

If you improve your time management, you will be able to work on important not just urgent things to do and be more in control. You’ll squeeze more out of each day to make more sales and more profit. And you’ll be less stressed, calmer and healthier.

At JRL, we use a Time Management questionnaire designed to help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Please contact us and request the questionnaire.