Vision & Values

Great business leaders succeed in creating a compelling vision of what’s possible, and they communicate it to others.

We know that the most effective business leaders create compelling visions of what can be achieved and share this with others to help galvanise the team and the organisation. A recurring theme with this strategy is that they enlist the support of others to share the ideas, enabling others to design, produce, promote and sponsor this vision.

At JRL, we regularly work with businesses where the vision is to grow and increase profits by a defined percentage, but also to create a dynamic organisation where every person’s contribution matters, and where each individual is empowered to make a difference in the pursuit of the objectives. In these organisations, one common element is always apparent: the values of the staff are aligned with the values of the company!

In life, our values represent the essence of what is important to us. They are the building blocks that really matter, and define the rules by which we live.

It’s the same in business, with vision and values interconnected. Quite simply, a company’s vision is shaped by its values, and these come alive through its vision.

JRL works with your business onsite to establish initiatives to allow your teams to recognise, adopt and live by the company values. Aligning these values helps to shape a common purpose and set priorities. They provide guidelines for selecting new staff, managing internal politics, encouraging collaboration, empowering teams and raising motivation.

We can help you grow your business through shared vision and values, first by evaluating individuals and assisting in forming teams of like-minded people. We do this by using proprietary JRL tools that identify and prioritise personal values. Then we share those values among other team members, using workshop techniques to secure buy-in and drive towards a common, positive, purpose.