Why Mystery Shop Your Own Business?

What’s it like to work in your company? You may believe/hope the culture is: supportive, nurturing, empowering and inclusive? Or is the reality totally different. If you knew the truth, then you can improve how you operate.
Do you have to don a disguise and work on the shop floor? Well you can do. Alternatively find a business coach who can offer you “Business Sensing”. Your independent and confidential coach will discover what motivates and de-motivates your staff.
When you know, you can increase reduce absenteeism, improve staff retention, communications, sales and profits.

How’s it work?

Business Sensing simply discovers what your employees think of you and your business. Your coach will meet up with employees on a confidential 1-to-1 basis to establish, what:

  • they enjoy about their job
  • it the feels like working for you
  • needs to happen to support them to improve their performance

Then they recommend solutions to issues uncovered. The effect is greater harmony, commitment and excellence.


If you develop motivated teams, they commit to excellence. Business Sensing gives you the information you need to make that difference. It will help you introduce a culture that can produce a greater fulfilment, commitment. Further improving staff performance and productivity.
Business Sensing enables you to improve the working environment for your team and increase profits. Win, Win – without the disguise!